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Secrets to Optimizing Piano Adventures

I recommend to follow this practice sequence to maximize growth on the piano. This should take around 45mins total. This post aligns with the Piano Adventures series for any relevant level. Private lessons, books, and related materials can already be costly. So utilizing a well structured day to day practice will be in the best interest of the student.

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Recommended DAILY Practice Routine

1. Theory Book (5mins)

2. Scales and Exercises (5mins)

3. Technique and Artistry (5mins)

4. Lesson Book (15mins)

5. Performance Book/Recital Selection (15mins)

1. Theory Book (5mins)

Within the unit you are in, I would go through and work on completing all the theory within the unit. This will not take long, so when you complete all of the activities within the given unit, go back through the theory that you completed and review it. Test yourself and explain the theory to a friend or family member. Lastly, utilize the notebook to write down theory and strategies that you form in lesson and practice.


Although this is not directly in the Piano Adventures book, please do not skip over this very important development. The following will be directly applied in much of your piano repertoire.

  • Scales

  • Arpeggio

  • Pentascale (5 Finger Position)

  • Chord Progression (I IV I V7 I)

3. Technique and Artistry (5mins)

I recommend completing one exercise in this book every practice session. Specifically, this is to develop the "how" you play the piano. Examples include strategies that improve your hand posture, balanced weight of your arm, and ways to efficiently change your fingers with scale passages. Read over how to in the beginning of each section and then complete an activity. It's OK if you repeat/review an exercise. Remember to work towards mastery and not perfection.

4. Lesson Book (15mins)

This is the book that we will utilize the most within our piano lessons. These are small song selections that you should be working towards completing every week. You should have all heard me say this by now in regards to when a selection is at minimum "performance ready" Let's say the three items together...TIME, RHYTHM, and PITCH. Think of this as receiving an A or B in Math class. Are you playing the correct notes? Are you using the correct rhythms? Are you playing within the appropriate time on a consistent beat? Remember, it's important to be proficient. Mistakes will happen so power through!

5. Performance Book/Recital Selection (15mins)

Lastly, you have made it to the dessert! Ideally, the most exciting part of practice. Playing through the song of interest. In the performance book, this selection will be like the unit test so it's important to show whether you have mastered the materials within the 4 previous items. Like I said, this is the DESSERT. I would not do too much skipping over your vegetables and nutrients. It will always catch up to you :)

Piano Adventures Collection

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