Music Lessons Package (4+)

Lesson Package Guidelines:

  • $100 payment will receive four 30min music lessons

  • $160 payment will receive four 45min music lessons

  • $220 payment will receive four 1hour music lessons

  • Teacher and student will agree on a set day and time of lesson for each week before payment is made

  • These lessons are once per week and should be consecutive

  • Exceptions are made case by case...if lesson needs to be made up, it should be made up before the next scheduled lesson time.


General Reminders:

  • If you are taking an extended vacation for more than one week, please simply pay per lesson so I can open up available spots for other music lessons.

  • Please try to inform me of a lesson cancellation at least 3-5 days in advance.


Student Lessons Package Purchase Example

Johnny is interested in piano lessons with TJ after a successful first piano lesson via Zoom this past Monday afternoon. Johnny understands that he is receiving music lessons at a discounted rate through the music lessons package. He and TJ have agreed to every Monday afternoon at 3:30pm via Zoom. After discussing these logistics, he sends TJ $100 payment via Venmo before the lesson began on the following Monday. He enjoys getting the reminder texts days before his lesson that also details his current lessons payment package.